【FORTUNE MAG Interviews AeproMED: Unveiling Innovations and Insights】

In September 2023, AeproMED was interviewed by the senior editor of Fortune Magazine.

Fortune Mag edit a series  interviews for worldwide business industry, this is the new era of post-COVID and the world become an innovation-driven economy. Taiwan is leveraging its strengths to position itself as a leader in industry 4.0 development.

Taiwan aims to achieve industrial transformation, create value-added industries, and develop new competitive products for the global market. The convergence of biotech and industry 4.0 technologies is accelerating R&D and production. With decades of experience digitalizing medical data, Taiwan is well-positioned to capitalize on innovations involving big data and AI in health care.

Companies like AeproMED collect high-quality data in real-time to enable patients and doctors to track treatment information, leading to quick, informed adjustments to care.

For details, please click on the Fortune magazine report:https://vol.media/magazines/7t0FRBUH652671f4472007.79423619/

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