About AeproMED

AeproMED Pioneering a New Era in Inhalation Development

In a groundbreaking collaboration, AeproMED is spearheading transformative advancements in healthcare. Partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and ICT technology manufacturers, as well as hospitals. This cutting-edge platform(AHP) not only facilitates precise drug delivery but also integrates real-time physiological data monitoring, ensuring an optimal inhalation experience.

The initiative aims to revolutionize inhalation therapy, heralding a new era in precision medicine. AeproMED’s commitment to shaping the future of healthcare through technology and collaboration signals a significant stride towards improved patient outcomes and elevated standards in the medical landscape.”

Core Value

Excellence in execution

Aerosol Profession

Cross-cutting cooperation

Open and Professional communication


Teamwork and accountability


Adaptability and an entrepreneurial spirit

Move forward in faith

Create and keep faith

History & Milestone


Establishment of AeproMED Innovation.corp.,Ltd.


The headquarters of AeproMED was stationed in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.


Accumulated over 20+ patents


AeproMED participates in the Medical Design Association.

[Development of Home-Use Lung Information Monitoring Device and Drug Delivery System]

[Device Design for Improving Inhalation Respiratory Medicine]


Delegation of Hsinchu Science Park

Participated in MEDICA and had an exchange with European Institutions. (visited Denmark, and Germany)


A Featured Theme Exhibition of Precision Health Alliance Companies


Grand opening with 150 VIP guests.