AirHyper Platform

Smart Inhalation Therapy

We focus on nebulizer-based inhalation therapy in critically ill patients and increased efforts towards more personalized therapeutic.
Our platform includes AFDT and DSMT technologies.
The platform will dominate in clinical trials cooperation with pharma.


Adaptive Frequency Delivery Technology

AFDT provides precisely sized aerosol drops to deliver drugs more effectively. Its auto-optimized frequency could drive different liquid to transform the aerosol particles and shorten the treatment time.

Digital Synchronized Monitor Technology

DSMT collects physiological data to drive inhaled device delivery medicine with patient’s breath pattern. This technology enhance drug delivery more efficiency.

Products & Service

Device design and development Service

Advanced comprehensive device design offers a better solution for cleaning without contamination, Using the cartridge designed with our portable mesh nebulizer gives users a convenient, safe,and high quality way to inhale their medication with a non-complexed procedure.

Nebulizer-drug combination Service

Our experts provide aerosol science capabilities with a certificated laboratory to reliable data in pulmonary drug delivery pre-clinical, clinical trials with aerosol particle sizing, drug output rate, drug dose delivery, content analysis, and simulation tools.

Aerosol Analytic Service

AeproMED provides an aerosol analytics service combining the facilities, methods, and measuring equipment you can count on to deliver scientifically validated data with our professional team.

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Customer application

By using the unique AFDT and DSMT innovative core technology, AeproMED carries technology in cosmetic products, at the same time, it has software and hardware integration technologies and the function of detecting and recording physiological values. AeproMED introduced different multi-functional separated electronic handheld products which help consumers let their minds rest, recognize the importance of health,and discover themselves.

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Why do you need our smart inhaled platform?


Our platform enables you and your doctor to view and track your treatment information. As the results are shared in real-time, you are always connected with your HCPs, who can quickly and easily make an informed adjustment to your respiratory care plan.

Clinicians /Hospital

Collecting high quality data with a centralized platform performs home monitoring for professionals to improve patient course and for lung safety or disease progression clinical trials.

Drugmakers and Pharma

Collaborate with our smart inhaled platform to enhance efficient therapeutics home care with known and novel respiratory drug delivery via our nebulizer (commonly used respiratory medications, COVID specific drugs, biologics).


AeproMED Innovation Corp., Ltd. is dedicated to rooting itself in the biotechnology and medical industry. To continually practice the development direction of”Lean Startup, Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Thinking, Agile Development” and deepen overall internationalization, AeproMED is committed to implementing an international-perspective, localization, and linking the cooperation between Taiwan’s supply chain industry and international biotechnology institutions. With the unique AFDT and DSMT R&D technology, AeproMED will continue providing customers with the best service and creating more shareholder value.

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