【AeproMED Innovation Corp., Ltd. Unveils Groundbreaking ‘AirHyper Platform’ at the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park while Hosting an Opening and Networking Tea Party.】

AeproMED Innovation Corp., Ltd. held a ribbon-cutting opening ceremony and an exchange tea party.

AeproMED Innovation Corp., Ltd. held a ribbon-cutting opening event and an exchange tea party on (the 29th). Hsinchu Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, former vice presidents Wu Den-yih and other invited attendees, Yang Wen-ke said that AeproMED has invested a lot of effort in research and development in the fields of precision medicine and medical equipment. Some drugs can be inhaled to make it more convenient for children and the elderly who are not good at swallowing. We look forward to AeproMED entering the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park and wish the future business prosperity and benefit patients.

Research on AirHyper Platform to provide precision inhalation therapy for respiratory diseases

Dr. Arvin H-T Li said that the current asthma sprays are press-in, and the medicine can only stay in the throat, but the product developed by AeproMED can let the medicine go to the lower respiratory tract or even the lungs to achieve a better effect. The product is currently in the stage of obtaining evidence and has been tested in cooperation with academic and government units. It is expected to be commercialized next year.

Yang Wen-ke said that Dr. Arvin H-T Li, the chairman of AeproMED, is very dedicated to the research of precision medicine. AeproMED is a company composed of scientists, engineers, physicians, and entrepreneurs in different fields. It is currently establishing cooperation opportunities with upstream, midstream, and downstream companies and hospitals. It is expected that AeproMED will realize the vision of precise drug delivery by combining the industrial chain to build the AirHyper Platform.

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